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Most of the time it hovers around 50% cheese, sometimes more and sometimes less, but at a base level, processed cheese is real cheese … Presence of emulsifiers – the higher the emulsifier content, the higher the melting point; Our processed cheese, like similar products produced by many other companies, has been formulated to have a high melting point, and so would not be expected to melt when exposed to a naked lighter flame, as some have suggested it should. It has been suggested that Kraft and other types of processed cheese product slices do not melt even when exposed directly to a flame. The processed cheese in this case is a semi-soft cheese with what appears to be a high oil and moisture content. Processed cheese is not 100% cheese. Stunned: But instead of melting - it turns black. There was a Food lab article on that, will have to search for the link later. Sponsored links The Claim Videos making this assertion have circulated since at least 2010 (some other debunking sites have erroneously stated […] Not, I think, in the sense you mean. Cream cheese, similar to Farmer's cheese, is less processed than other soft or hard cheeses. Cheese slices will stand in for shredded cheese in any melting application. The row over processed cheese started last year in the United States with a similar video of Kraft sliced cheese. For even melting results, you can make your own processed cheese from any cheese, it will stay OK when melted, and taste like the good cheese you started with (unlike the processed cheese in the supermarket, which starts with bad cheese and ends up tasteless). The implication from this demonstration is that these “fake cheese” slices should not be consumed. The row over processed cheese started last year in the U.S with a similar video involving Kraft sliced cheese. Cheese, all cheese, is processed to an extent. Reduced fat cheeses do not have the same structure as regular cheeses and they become tough and rubbery with prolonged heating, according to the cheese company Sargento, so avoid using low fat cheese slices for melting.

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