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Pachadi is a traditional Kerala dish prepared with cooked vegetables or fruit by mixing Coconut mixture and Yogurt. ! Pachadi can be prepared with vegetables (like Cucumber, Beetroot, Tomato, etc) or fruits (like Ripe Plantain, Mango, Pineapple, etc). Beetroot Pachadi / Kerala Style Beetroot Yogurt Curry Recipe Beetroot Pachadi is a healthy delicious side dish from Indian state of Kerala. Beetroot Pachadi| Kerala Traditional Recipe. Post a Comment. You may like these posts. Made with cooked beetroot, coconut and plain yogurt , it is usually served on special occasions and festivals and is an integral part of Onam Sadya. Older. Some wince at the colour it imparts into the dish and some love the way it colours the dish. I love this Vegetable, Beetroot - The Pink Goodness rich in Iron and Vitamin. Join me in my love for food and taste! Finally tempering it with spices in coconut oil. 0 Comments. Author Hey, My name is Divya M Joy and behind this little space, I'm a Cook, Baker, Recipe Developer, Amateur photographer, a Food stylist, and the Website Designer. BEETROOT PACHADI - KERALA STYLE by SM - April 13, 2020 BEETROOT PACHADI - KERALA STYLE: Beetroot is a Vegetable with the contradictory notion, some like it and some don't.

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