women's role in parenting

Graph Theory With Applications To Engineering And Computer Science by Narsingh Deo Graph Theory: Applications in Computer Science . Many problems of real world can be represented by graphs. Although this book can ably serve as For example, in an aircraft scheduling system, we can represent aircrafts by nodes, and overlappings in takeoff times by edges connecting these nodes. ... Graph theory plays a role in many computer systems such as those that manage scheduling of employees in a company or aircraft takeoffs. In the domain of mathematics and computer science, graph theory is the study of graphs that concerns with the relationship among edges and vertices.It is a popular subject having its applications in computer science, information technology, biosciences, mathematics, and linguistics to name a few. Many problems of interest to computer scientists can be phrased as graph problems, and as a result graph theory shows up quite a lot in complexity theory. CONCLUSION , , This paper has presented applications of graph ,theory in computer science. It has seen increasing interactions with other areas of Mathematics. Graph Theory has become an important discipline in its own right because of its applications to Computer Science, Communication Networks, and Combinatorial optimization through the design of efficient algorithms. This paper explores different concepts involved in graph theory and their applications in computer science to demonstrate the utility of graph theory. , The main aim of this paper is to present the ,importance of graph theory principles and ideas in ,various areas of computer applications so ,researches can apply graph theory to model and ,optimise different processes in computer science ,field. raphs are considered as an excellent modeling tool which is used to model many type of relations amongst any physical situation.

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